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Marshfield is a vibrant community in central Wisconsin known for world-class health care and a fresh mix of lodging, dining and shopping and attractions. There’s always something new to discover in Marshfield—plan your visit today.

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700 S. Central Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449

Five things to see & do near Marshfield Medical Center
McMillan Marsh Trail

Five things to see & do near Marshfield Medical Center

The world-class Marshfield Medical Center may have brought you to Marshfield, but there’s a lot to discover nearby, whether you have an hour, an afternoon, or more. Here are five things you can do while you are in town that aren’t too far away.

Jurustic Park 

The park is 5 miles from the clinic, a 9-minute drive.

This park is a wonderland of rusted metal sculptures, including whimsical dinosaurs, insects, dogs and cats. The place is sure to make you smile. A self-guided tour of the park’s walking path can take minutes, although if you have more time, there’s plenty to take in and don’t by shy to ask Clyde Wynia for a tour. Clyde created this fantasy world with his wife Nancy, who has jewelry for sale in the “Hobbit House.” If Clyde is around, he’ll give you a quick tour and a free sample of his quirky sense of humor. The park is located at 112021 Old Sugarbush Lane, Marshfield.

Wildwood Park & Zoo 

The zoo is 3 miles from the clinic, an 11-minute drive.

Marshfield’s impressive Wildwood Zoo is a must-visit. The zoo can be explored on foot, or by car. If you feel like taking a short stroll, head to the Kodiak bear display. Twin bears Munsey and Boda play and tumble the day away and are always fun to see. Or check out the cougars Star and Thunder in their newly expanded home near the Welcome Center. If you opt to only take the zoo’s driving tour, you’ll still see impressive North American animals like wolves and bison. The zoo is located at 608 W. 17th Street, Marshfield.

Central Avenue shopping and dining 

Central Avenue is less than a mile from the clinic. It’s a 3-minute drive or a 17-minute walk.

Marshfield’s stately brick downtown rose up after one of the biggest fires in state history swept through the community in 1887, destroying the wooden buildings. Today these historic brick buildings line south Central Avenue, housing a vibrant mix of shopping and dining establishments. It’s makes for a perfect morning or afternoon escape: lose yourself in a charming boutique or antique store, relax in a cozy coffee shop or comforting restaurant, or just take a stroll on Central Avenue’s broad sidewalks. You’ll find plenty of free street parking on and near Central Avenue.

McMillan Marsh State Wildlife Area 

The marsh is 2 miles from clinic by car, about a 5-minute-drive.

Just outside Marshfield, this 6,500-acre public natural area is a destination for nature lovers. McMillan Marsh is a mix of wetlands, woodlands and grasslands, and it’s unpaved paths are ideal for a tranquil stroll. The marsh was once home to a sawmill, logging operations and a fur farm–but today you’re more likely to see a flock of geese or cranes skimming across the wetlands. Venture out as far as you like and return with the assistance of the trail map at the entrance. The trailhead into the marsh is located at 227 Mann Street, Marshfield.

The heart of Marshfield 

Marshfield’s downtown is a mile from the clinic. It’s a 1-mile-drive or about a 22-minute walk.

Marshfield’s historic downtown is filled with stores, restaurants and attractions. Two signature spots are Upham House and Wenzel Family Plaza. Upham House is the former mansion home of Wisconsin Gov. William Upham. It’s open to the public Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1:30pm – 4:00pm and filled with memorabilia that tells the story of Marshfield’s past. Nearby, Wenzel Family Plaza is an outdoor green space and community hub that celebrates today’s families with outdoor concerts, mid-day food trucks in the summer and a water feature for the kids to cool off in and enjoy. There’s plenty of parking on the street near the mansion and plaza, which is located at 201 S. Chestnut Ave, Marshfield. In between the plaza and Upham House you’ll find Chestnut Center for the Arts, a performing arts venue that hosts regular events and arts programming in a historic church.  If you opt to walk downtown, swing through Colombia Park and check out the 1931 art deco band shelter.