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Marshfield is a vibrant community in central Wisconsin known for world-class health care and a fresh mix of lodging, dining and shopping and attractions. There’s always something new to discover in Marshfield—plan your visit today.

Visit Marshfield
700 S. Central Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449

New software makes Visit Marshfield website more accessible, user-friendly | Marshfield teams up with Userway for more website accessibility

New software makes Visit Marshfield website more accessible, user-friendly

UserWay Accessibility Widget Demonstration

The addition of UserWay software to our website will improve accessibility and provide a user-friendly experience for site visitors.

Visit Marshfield has launched a new effort to improve our website’s accessibility and provide a more user-friendly experience for all our website visitors.

We recently installed the UserWay software—note the icon on the bottom lefthand portion of the screen—on the site, which offers several benefits for visitors to the site in terms of functionality and accessibility, including:

  • Customizability: Users can now adjust several features on the site (text size and spacing, color contrast, cursor size and shape, etc.) to tailor their browsing experience to their needs
  • Text-to-speech functionality and screen reader compatibility: The new site plugin allows users with visual impairments to have website content read aloud to them; the site is also now compatible with screen reader technology
  • Simplified navigation: Site visitors who use the accessibility features will be able to see interactive elements like links more easily, and the UserWay widget also improves keyboard navigation
  • Forms: Website forms are optimized for easier use when accessibility functions are turned on

To ensure that we continue to meet accessibility standards, the UserWay feature automatically monitors and maintains compliance with industry standards and alerts us of any issues that may need to be addressed.

We hope that this new functionality improves the user experience on our website, and Visit Marshfield remains committed to inclusivity across our website, in our community, and beyond.