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Marshfield is a vibrant community in central Wisconsin known for world-class health care and a fresh mix of lodging, dining and shopping and attractions. There’s always something new to discover in Marshfield—plan your visit today.

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4 fun family-friendly activities to do this summer | Splash pad at Wenzel Family Plaza Marshfield WI

4 fun family-friendly activities to do this summer

Marshfield is a great place for a family-friendly getaway. Here are a few ideas on what to see and where to go when you head to central Wisconsin this summer.

Animals await at Wildwood Park & Zoo

Did you know that you can see Kodiak bears, cougars, bison, wolves, and other wild animals in central Wisconsin? Wildwood Park & Zoo was established in 1937 and has been wowing visitors ever since—stroll through the park to get up close and personal with the animals or enjoy the view from your car on the large animal drive. Be sure to stop in the Welcome Center, where you can see turtles, snakes, and lizards, as well as learning about the water cycle.

Every week through mid-August, the zoo hosts its free Wild Wednesday program, sponsored by the city’s Parks & Recreation Department and the Marshfield Zoological Society, where visitors can learn about everything from birds of prey to fossils.

Music and more at Wenzel Family Plaza

Located at Second and Chestnut Streets in downtown Marshfield, Wenzel Family Plaza has a splash pad that’s perfect for those hot summer days and hosts several fun events throughout the year. Don’t miss the Hub City Concert Series, where talented musicians hit the stage at Wenzel Family Plaza for good music and fun times on Friday nights in June, July and August.

See clever creations at Jurustic Park

Jurustic Park is one of Marshfield’s see-it-to-believe-it attractions. This sculpture park located 5 miles north of Marshfield is the brainchild of artist Clyde Wynia, who creates creatures of all sizes—everything from dragons to dogs to dragonflies—from scraps of discarded metal. Take a free tour and marvel at these larger-than-life creations.

Clyde’s creatures aren’t just found at Jurustic Park anymore, either—the recently established Downtown Jurustic Trail takes visitors on a tour of downtown to find seven other unique creations.

Join the fun at community events

In addition to the events mentioned above, there are lots of other fun family events coming to Marshfield this summer, including Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (July 12-14), Hub City Days (July 29-30), and the Central Wisconsin State Fair (August 23-28).

See more Marshfield events here.


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