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Marshfield is a vibrant community in central Wisconsin known for world-class health care and a fresh mix of lodging, dining and shopping and attractions. There’s always something new to discover in Marshfield—plan your visit today.

Visit Marshfield
700 S. Central Ave.
Marshfield, WI 54449


Upham Mansion


Experience Marshfield: a community built on moving forward.

Visitors to Marshfield are greeted by impressive brick storefronts that are part of the city’s story. Marshfield’s roots date to the construction of a railway from Stevens Point to Lake Superior in 1872—the railroad needed a supply depot on the route and Marshfield was the perfect location. Soon, businesses and industry boomed in this new railway town. An early fire destroyed much of the community’s wood structures in 1887 but the city rebuilt, creating the beautiful (and fire) resistant brick businesses that still line Central Avenue today.

The city has a rich tradition of healthcare. St. Joseph’s Hospital began in 1890 with six beds and an early form of health insurance for lumbermen. Marshfield Clinic formed in 1916 when six doctors formed a group practice in downtown Marshfield.

The city has numerous historic and significant buildings and sites that can be explored with our Marshfield Historic District Walking Tour. They include the home of prominent politician Melvin Laird, a Sears home, a restored Soo Line Engine and buildings erected during the logging boom of the 1800s.

Explore Marshfield’s history yourself by taking a Marshfield Historic District Walking Tour, view Marshfield Historic Places , travel back in time with a tour of the Marshfield Heritage Museum