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All about the Upham Mansion | Upham Mansion downtown in Marshfield, WI

All about the Upham Mansion

History lovers will find lots to explore in downtown Marshfield, from historic buildings that now house fun shops and restaurants to the lovingly restored home of Wisconsin’s third governor. Here’s a closer look at what visitors will find at Upham Mansion.

What is the Upham Mansion?

Upham Mansion, also known as the Gov. William H. Upham House, is the home of former Wisconsin Governor William H. Upham, was constructed in 1880 and currently serves as the headquarters for the North Wood County Historical Society.

Where is the Upham Mansion located?

The Upham Mansion is located at 212 W. 3rd St. in downtown Marshfield.

What makes Upham Mansion so notable?

The Upham Mansion is listed in the Local, State, and National Register of Historic Places and has been recognized as a classic example of mid-Victorian Italianate architecture. The house, built in the late 19th century, survived the Marshfield fire of 1887. Furnishings date from the late 1880s to the 1920s and include several pieces from Marshfield’s Upham Manufacturing Company.

Outside the home, the Heritage Rose Garden boasts more than 30 varieties of roses that include popular breeds dating back to time of the Roman empire.

The mansion also tells the story of one of Marshfield’s most important residents. In addition to being the third governor of Wisconsin, William H. Upham served in the Second Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War and was injured and captured during the first Battle of Bull Run before graduating with honors from West Point in 1866. He moved to northern Wisconsin in 1869 and established several business ventures in the city, including a sawmill, a furniture factory, a grain elevator, a railroad, a power plant, a waterworks, a general store, and more. Upham played a large role in rebuilding Marshfield after the 1887 fire and served as city alderman, mayor, and clerk of the School Board. He served one term as governor (1895-97) before returning to Marshfield, where he continued to contribute to civic life.

Is Upham Mansion open to the public?

Upham Mansion is open for tours from 1:30 to 4pm Wednesdays and Saturdays. Admission is $2.

Tours are also available by appointment.

The Upham Mansion is also part of the city of Marshfield’s Upham Mansion Historic District walking tour, which includes the old First Presbyterian Church, the Marony Wheeler House, the J.B. Borden House, the C.J. Sparr House, the Burns House, Elsworth House II, and the Frank Upham House.

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